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This section of the website is currently under construction and will be updated soon. More information will be added about solo: Arboretum and collaborative productions: Building Blocks - The Umbrella Factory - Pig
(with filmmaker / editor Stella van Voorst van Beest) and more like..

Ataraxia - director: Sander Blom 2013
an exploration of ‘Life’s Manual’, on how to survive the boredom of earth’s paradise, on penile shrinkage, a treacherous breakfast, research on Change Ringing vs tongue twisters, a duck decoy & much more.
(locations and filming)

Je vis dans le rêve de ma mère - director: Jan Willem van Dam 2010
The film is the dream of the real mother of the maker, about a young dark filmmaker who travels through many European and Asian countries looking for knowledge. This globetrotting, epic fabrication is the stubborn proof that people discover the most adventurous panoramas via detours.

(locations and production)

Building Blocks Deva - Romania ©Freek Drent & Stella van Voorst van Beest.